Creators Assembly Presents:

Collins Place Design Market

Collins Place - 45 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Friday, 9th February, 2018

10am to 6pm

Melbourne’s best designers, creators & food makers + music & a pop-up bar!

Each event requires a new application form and supporting documentation to be submitted for each stall holder. The application process ensures Creators Assembly have the most relevant and up to date information from each vendor and allows the applicant to read and agree to our Terms and Conditions for each event – this way no assumptions are made by either party.

Please include your most frequently used email address so we can contact you. This will be the email address we use to contact you for all correspondence.

Please include valid links to your current social media sites which best display your work.

Shout it from the rooftops! Tell us all about you and your business and how fantastic it is! If your application is successful; we will use this information to promote you, your business and our event, so tell us as much as possible.

BeveragesChocolateCondimentsPre-Packaged FoodsSavoury Baked GoodsSweet Baked GoodsOther

If other, please specify or provide further details on the above

(Please select from the below)

Show us what you are about! Supply us with some current images of your products so we can see what you do and which we can use to promote you and your business. Ensure these represent products that you will be interested in selling should your application be successful. Please also include an image of your market day set-up so we can see how you present your stall and business. (A maximum of five images can be uploaded).

Provide further details of the origin or your products


All applicants must provide their own Product Liability Insurance and Public Liability Insurance.

If you do not have an annual insurance policy, please contact your preferred insurance provider who can discuss one day insurance options to suit your requirements.

(Please select from the below)

(Please select from the below)


(Please select from the below)

(Please select from the below)

(Please select from the below)

You must ensure your food products are covered/protected from:

  • The Front (customer)
  • The Side
  • The Top

Or that the food products are individually wrapped.

It is highly recommended that a current Product Liability Insurance Certificate, Public Liability Insurance Certificate, Streatrader Registration (SOT), Council Registration (Food Premises Registration/Notification), Images of Food Cover and Protection and Current Images are submitted when completing your application. Preference will be given to businesses who submit all requested documents and further follow up by Creators Assembly is not required.

(Please select from the below)

(Please select from the below)


Please Note

  • Stall fees are due within five business days from date of invoice. Failure to provide payment within five business days from date of invoice will mean forfeiture of your stall and this will be offered to another business on our wait list.
  • Due to the nature and layout of the venue, we have limited stall availability.
  • Stall sizes are approximate.
  • Display furniture, stands and signage cannot be greater in height than 1.80 m and must be structurally secure. Signage must be of a professional standard. Items will be removed by Creators Assembly or Collins Place that do not comply.
  • We cannot accommodate requests for table and chair hire for this event.
  • We cannot accommodate requests for power/electricity for this event.
  • We cannot permit mobile change rooms for fashion based businesses at this event.
  • We cannot permit marquees, tents and umbrellas for this event.
  • Mezzanine access is via approximately nine stairs from the Forecourt.
  • Included in the stall price will be a discount ticket for one vehicle for parking on the day in the Collins Place car parking facility.
  • Each stall holder is expected to promote this event with the graphics provided though their social media channels and word of mouth.
  • With over 25,000 people through Collins Place on any given Friday; this event provides wonderful visibility and an opportunity for all small businesses to promote their products to the CBD community. This event should be used as marketing and advertising promotion for your business. In no way is Creators Assembly or Collins Place responsible for your sales targets for the day and we cannot guarantee that the public will purchase your product on market day.

We strongly recommend all interested stall holders read and understand Creators Assembly Terms and Conditions here.

I/We have read, understood and agree to Creators Assembly Terms and Conditions.

As part of your application, please ensure you upload via this form or supply Creators Assembly with copies of the following to

Product Liability Insurance CertificatePublic Liability Insurance CertificateStreatrader Registration - Statement of Trade (SOT)Council Registration - Food Premises Registration/NotificationImages of Food Cover and ProtectionCurrent Images

Please refer to the Markets Page on our website to stay informed of important dates related to our upcoming events and when you will be advised as to the status of your application.

Best Wishes!

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